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Flatsome Theme Review (2022): Is it the best WooCommerce theme?

Flatsome is one of the most popular WooCommerce themes in the Envato marketplace. It’s widely known for its uniqueness and easy setup process. 

Over 590,000 live websites are using the Flatsome theme, and it’s declared one of the top-rated eCommerce themes on Themeforest. Let’s review this theme and find out why it’s such popular. 

We’ll go through the criteria for the best theme and review the Flatsome theme according to it. 

Flatsome Theme Review: 2022

There are more than 1,000 WooCommerce themes available on the Envato marketplace. Finding and declaring a theme as best is tough. We need some criteria on what basis we call a theme the best. Those criteria for the best theme are:

1. Unique Features

Many common features can be found in every theme. You don’t need to focus on those features to identify a better theme. You need unique but highly useful features of a theme. 

Those unique features are not meant to be just different or uncommon; they should be different and useful.  

2. Loading Time

None want his website to be a slow one.

For two reasons. Firstly, no visitor wants to visit a site that takes too much time to load. And secondly, Google doesn’t rank any slow-loading website. 

Both of those facts directly hurt a website’s SEO.

So, a theme should have the least loading time, and a lightweight WordPress theme to be the best option. WooCommerce themes usually contain huge content. You need to ensure that the theme is fast with those content also. 

3. Design

A good design is more necessary than usually people think. Having a good design can attract people and make them stay for a longer time. It also increases engagement and builds a strong connection between the merchant and the visitor. It is a design that can make a website more attractive and compatible with a creative WordPress theme.

That’s why no popular site has a bad design or an old type of design. A good theme should have a great design and also continuous updates. Because nowadays things change rapidly. To keep the website trendy, you need a theme that offers new updates.

4. Responsiveness

According to infront, 50% of eCommerce revenue comes from mobile devices. So, a WooCommerce theme needs to be responsive for better growth. 

People use different devices that have different screen sizes. To serve them properly, you need to use a responsive theme so that no customer faces any issues while visiting your store. Besides all of that, Google encourages you to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly. Having the best WordPress responsive themes can give a head start. 

There are several reasons behind Flatsome’s success. We’ll discuss the features which have made Flatsome a game-changer in the WooCommerce theme. 

What Flatsome Offers

1. Large Element Library

You need to create many common elements when building a website, such as buttons, sliders, banners, lightboxes, etc. Those require coding knowledge to build. It’s a time-consuming process to learn to code and then implement it. 

Flatsome Theme Elements

Flatsome does a wonderful job here. It provides an Element library from which you can easily choose the templates of the buttons, sliders, banners, etc.

Elements of Flatsome Theme

Using Sections, you can instantly add different content types to your website. The supporting elements of the sections, such as rows, columns, sliders, buttons, and banners are also available in the Flatsome theme to add. 

Flatsome offers a special element for the title to keep it prominent to the users. You can add blog posts, images, videos, and galleries with the help of elements. Each of them has individual elements that can come in handy for any customization. Besides that, the Flatsome lightbox, image box, and icon box options are available to add. 

If you’re starting a WooCommerce store, products, product categories and share/ follow icons can help you a lot. To keep visitors connected, you can use Flatsome’s map, and message box

For establishing the trust of the visitors, you can use the elements of the WordPress team member plugin and testimonial plugin for WordPress as well. Those can help you to get trust and authority. For specific events, you can use a countdown element for events like the new year or any other achievements. 

To keep your site trendy, you can integrate your Instagram feed with it using elements. Also for easy navigation purposes, you can add a search box

Those 36 elements are the most commonly used on any WooComerce site. Unless you want to do something unconventional, those are more than enough for a general WooCommerce site. 

2. Always Updated

Flatsome has a dynamic team that always keeps the theme updated. So, the theme is being optimized day by day. Flatsome gives new updates regularly and makes sure the theme has the best practices. It allows you to stay up to date with the industry and the tech trend. You can also know how to update theme WordPress without losing customization easily with one of the sources of Flatsome.

For being continuously updated, the Flatsome theme is exponentially being optimized from time to time. This improves the quality of the website continuously. 

3. Optimized for Speed

The Flatsome is made with CSS with the last line of code, making it faster than any other theme. Also, they optimized javascript code into 63 kilobytes, making the theme super lightweight. 

You can easily speed up the WooCommerce website by maintaining background and images uses “Smart Lazy Loading” which helps to load images only when needed. This makes the whole theme super fast. 

Besides those things, they use CSS animations and parallax effects to a minimum of 60 fps giving the users a better smoother experience. Those best practices also facilitate them. Such as Google ranks those sites that are technically updated. 

Flatsome Theme Review (2022): Speed

4. UX Builder

UX builder is a visual editor for Flatsome users. It helps to edit the website without doing a single line of code. You can add/remove text, images, videos, or any type of media using this. It also offers to adjust any layout for your site. 

From page building to element building, UX Builder can help to build your site in every aspect.

Flatsome Theme UX Builder

Often, non-technical persons need to maintain WooCommerce websites, in that case, UX Builder can come in handy. Without having any prior knowledge, anyone can build the Front-end of the website using this. 

There are many things you can do using UX builder. Such as:

5. Flatsome Studio

To make things easier, Flatsome offers a Flatsome studio. It is a library of sections and full-page designs for your store. 

The common pages like the contact page and landing page can be easily found there. You can choose the page from a good number of templates.

Flatsome Studio

If you’re worried about the similarity of your website with other websites, don’t worry; Flatsomes updates the library every month and adds new pages. Besides having free templates, you can also use images for free. You can easily create eCommerce with Flatsaome studio if you want to build it in no time. 

6. Single Page Application 

Single Page Application is a special type of website that loads with a single webpage. This single page contains the whole content of the website, but it doesn’t load the whole document. It loads only the part of the website you want to view and continuously updates the body content. You can easily create a one-page website in WordPress with a Flatsome theme.

SPA(Single Page Application) allows the visitors to view the website without loading whole from the server. It boosts the performance of the site and gives a more dynamic experience. 

Also, you’ll be able to set it so that, without reloading the page or opening any new window, you’ll be able to go to the section you need. Though Flatsome is a WooCommerce-based theme, you can also use it for multi-purpose. It allows SPA(Sigle Page Application) that can be used for many other purposes. 

7. Compatible with Popular Plugins

Flatsome is compatible with many popular and essential plugins for WordPress WooCommerce websites. 

Plugins, such as Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, Mailchimp, WooCommerce Multilingual, Additional Variation Images Gallery For WooCommerce, Booster, Product Filter, etc, can be used with Flatsome without any issue. 

Flatsome has a dynamic team of developers. They ensure every popular plugin is compatible with the theme so that you don’t need to worry about compatibility. 

Even if any new plugin comes into the market, continuous updates of Flatsome will ensure compatibility. 

8. Customize Anything with Live Theme Options

The live theme option allows you to view a live preview of the site while editing. You don’t need to save or reload to preview the result. This live editing feature reduces the extra time for developing your website.

The live theme ensures you can customize your site without having any extra hassle.

live theme editor

Pros and Cons of Using The Flatsome 

  • Pros

  1. Very fast and lightweight WooCommerce theme
  2. Many unique features are available
  3. Easy to use for a non-technical person
  4. Serves for multi-purpose 
  • Cons

  1. Too many functions that can confuse any beginner
  2. The Pro version’s price is relatively high for small ventures 

Number of Downloads & Active Installations

According to ThemeForest,  579,577 websites currently use Flatsome. Among them, it was bought by more than 190,000 users. 

Should You Use It or Not

Flatsome is very powerful and highly recommended by experts. Though it’s a WooCommerce-based theme, you can use it for various purposes such as personal portfolio, blog, business website, etc. It also supports SPA (Single-page application), which can be helpful if you want to use Flatsome on a small scale.

 If you’re looking for something static or limited functionalities, you may consider other options. 


A 4.8 rating of 6,800+ users indicates that Flatsome satisfied most of them. The main reasons behind the success are: having unique features, super-fast loading, responsiveness, and next-level design. 

Considering those features, Flatsome beats any other WooCommerce theme. 

If you’re thinking of starting using Flatsome or have already started using it, you can follow Flatsome tutorials to become an expert in this theme.

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