how to clean instagram cache

How to Clean Instagram Cache on Flatsome Theme Powered Website

Flatsome saves the data of Instagram as cache memory. No matter how big or small the data is, Flatsome holds it for 2 hours. Besides that, WordPress holds some expired data that can impact the loading speed of the website. So, if you want to delete expired data, and reload the images for updated data, knowing how to clean Instagram cache is a good option.

To do this, you need to delete the transients of Instagram on your Flatsome theme. Here is only a 6-step tutorial to clear the Instagram element cache on a Flatsome-powered website.

How to Clean Instagram cache on a Flatsome Theme-Powered Website

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard, hover the pointer on the Plugins, then click on the Add New

Installing new plugin for clearing instagram cache

Step 2: A new page will appear. Click on the search box and type Transients Manager. Install and Activate the first plugin you find

Install & activate transient manager plugin

Step 3: After successful activation, you’ll find an option named Unsuspend Transients on the top right of that page. Hover the pointer on that, you’ll find a new option View Transients. Click on it

view the transients data

Step 4: A new page of transients will appear. You’ll find a search box on the top right. Type Instagram and hit the search button. You’ll find the Instagram transients. Select the Instagram transients that contain instagram-a and delete them. 

deleting instagram cache on flatsome

Step 5: Hover the pointer on the Flatsome, then hover again on Advanced. You’ll find a bunch of options, among them, click on Instagram.

instagram in flatsome

Step 6: A new page will appear. On that page, you’ll find an option named Clear Instagram cache. Click on that to clear caches. 

 clear instagram cache


Firstly, you need to determine if Clearing Instagram Elements Cache is essential for your site or not. Then you can decide what you should do. This 6-step process is the easiest process that anyone can do. If you want to know Flatsome extensively, you can follow the easiest Flatsome tutorials

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