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9+ Best Free Live Chat Plugin in WordPress

The live chat plugin in WordPress is the best friend of your customers. 

Are you wondering why? 

– Because real customers always have questions about the product or service and chat support plugins can answer any question within a second. 

No matter how energetic you’re, it’s obvious that you can’t always be active to answer all of the queries of customers. Also, you can’t handle hundreds of questions at the same time. But a chat support plugin can. 

That’s why it’s necessary to add a live chat support plugin. It also can help you to build a good relationship with customers and you have to know how to add users to WordPress in your support team to provide the best quality services.

Benefits of Best Live Chat Plugin in WordPress

WordPress live chat plugins have changed the customer service experience and reshaped the industry. It offers many benefits for any website. The benefits are: 

  1. Your customer service will be available 24/7 to assist your customers. 
  2. Live Chat plugin is faster than any human response. So, your customers will have the solution quicker and more detailed.  
  3. Introvert customers feel comfortable with a chatting service over connecting with a person. Using this opportunity, you can build a new customer base. 
  4. A Live Chat plugin can simplify customer service work. When a bot can answer most of the generic questions, you don’t need to hire people to just reply with the same thing repeatedly. 
  5. When you use chat support plugins, you don’t need to worry about the behavior of the customer service executives. You know what your plugin will reply to when someone asks something. 

Plugins For WordPress Live Chat Plugins

You can choose live chat plugins from WordPress Plugin Repository. Also, you can choose the right WooCommerce plugin that is appropriate for your site. 

We’ve sorted out 9 WordPress live chat plugins for you to have the best plugins among hundreds of them. 

1. 3CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat free plugin

3CX is one of the most popular chat support plugins, where you can start a live conversation with a visitor or vice versa. 

The live chat control panel shows the visitor’s information, such as when someone arrived on your website, how many pages they’ve visited, etc. 

Visitors can initiate a discussion by typing their information into the live chatbox on their screen or selecting “Start chat.” You can start a conversation with them once they take any action. This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce WordPress free theme to better use of this plugin.

3CX Live Chat plugin uses cloud servers for high performance and uninterrupted support. Besides, providing chatting-based support, it also offers video and voice-based customer support. 

Among 2,400,000+ downloads, more than 30,000 websites are using 3CX right now. On top of that, it’s free to use. 

Live Demo & Download Link

2. Facebook Chat Plugin

Facebook Chat Plugin_free

It’s a part of the Meta Business chat widget that gives live chat on your website. The Facebook Chat Plugin allows you to use Messenger-powered chat to communicate with customers on your website. 

Visitors can message you at any time by clicking on a little Messenger chat bubble in the lower right corner of your site, whether they’re on a computer or a phone.

You can categorize common question keywords and set them up to reply accordingly. Visitors can chat while browsing the page and you can continue to chat with your visitor even after they left the site. 

Visitors without any messenger account can use the anonymous mode. There is no need to switch between apps and answer questions you get on the website. You can also create an open graph Facebook metadata if you want.

Facebook Chat Plugin is highly popular and holds around 200,000+ active installations. But numerous users have complained about its unresponsive technical support. 

Live Demo & Download Link

3. Tidio

Tidio live chatbot

Built-in chatbots are not always the ultimate solution for world-class customer service. You’ll need customizable chatbots and a real person to understand the customer’s issues. 

Tidio offers both ready-made and custom-made solutions. It has bots that can help you 24/7 with some pre-made functionality.

This chatbot can turn the live chat widgets into smart popups. Specific actions can trigger those popups. Also, it’s customizable. As chatbot is a popup plugin in WordPress it will increase the attraction of customers.

It offers to edit all the conditions, text, and images using drag and drop. Most of its features are free, but you need to upgrade to the premium version if you need to use them all. 

Tidio has been downloaded more than 1,000,000+ times and holds 100,00+ active installations.

Live Demo & Download Link

4. JivoChat Live Chat

JivoChat Live Chat_free plugin

If you want to use a plugin for multi-purpose and keep your customer support organized, JivoChat is a good option. 

You can do live chat, voice call, email, and use socials using JivoChat. It helps to support your customer efficiently. That can improve your conversion and sales with the help of a lead generation plugin for WordPress.

It saves time because it offers you to use multiple things under the same hood. Also, the integration of chat and call is an important feature to get connected with your customers more.  

JivoChat has been downloaded 300,000+ times and has 40,000+ active installations. Also, it’s free. 

Live Demo & Download Link

5. Tawk.To Live Chat

Tawk.To Live Chat_popular plugin

Tawk was created for businesses to respond in real-time. It allows to personalize greetings and share promos. You can also do these with trigger messages according to visitors’ location, previous visits, views, etc.  Also, it is compatible with all modern browsers. many businesses that are using corporate themes for WordPress must use this plugin.

You can also create tickets using a built-in support desk and ticketing system. It makes things easy to follow up. You can also assign tickets using this plugin. is one of the best free chat support plugins you can use. It has nearly 200,000+ active installations with 2.6M+ downloads.  

Live Demo & Download Link

6. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat 

Zotabox_Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat is an easy-to-use package of 20+ promotional sales tools for your website. It’s also known as Zotabox. You can also install the best WooCommerce SEO plugin for a higher ranking.

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Get Response, and Campaign Monitor, among others, are all linked with Zotabox. It can be integrated with more than 20 social accounts. Popular social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, can be easily integrated with it.

Zotabox, with a package of 20+ promotional sales tools,  is a paid plugin with a 30-day free trial. But it doesn’t require the user’s payment information. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Live Demo & Download Link

7. ChatBot

ChatBot live chat plugin

The ChatBot is made in such a way that a non-technical person can use it without having zero coding knowledge. Also, it is super easy to operate.

It’s a plug n play AI bot that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to install. You can install it easily and start using it. 

After installing it, you need to create a section that contains frequently asked questions and answers. The plugin will do the rest. 

The chatBot is NLP-powered. It’s capable of working in NLP mode or Menu-Driven Mode or, a combination of both. Besides that, this plugin is compatible with any language and you don’t have to install translation plugins for WordPress at all.

Also, it is free to use and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times with 3000+ active installations. 

Live Demo & Download Link

8. Social Chat

Social Chat former whatsapp chat

This plugin began with the name “WhatsApp Chat”. Later, its name was changed to Social Chat.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. It’s available in 100+ countries and supports more than 50+ languages.

In Social Chat, a WhatsApp button is placed using which your customer can communicate with you. The visitor’s message will come directly to your phone. You can also integrate with social media plugin for WordPress if you want.

You can also put a box with some contact information and a personalized message in WhatsApp Chat. This box may be activated from the WhatsApp conversation section’s Box tab, where you can also customize the header and footer messages, and the contact name, phone, work, and avatar.

Being connected with a top-rated app, Social Chat has 100,000+ active installations and 2.2M+ downloads. It offers a free version for limited usage and a premium version for professional usage. 

Live Demo & Download Link

9. Live Chat by Formilla

Live Chat by Formilla

You can use the Formilla Live Chat, to start customer service immediately. It has a responsive, mobile-ready chat widget that is adaptive to any digital screen. 

It allows monitoring or tracking of visitors in real-time and gives the option to chat with them instantly. You can also track visitors’ location, operating system, browser history, referring site, new user vs. returning, IP address, etc. and you don’t have to use WordPress analytics plugins to track this record separately but if you need you can use different kinds of analytics plugins in WordPress.

Formilla Live Chat has various language support, such as   Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, and more! Having that multi-lingual support can increase your presence in foreign countries. 

Customers can use Formilla Chatbots to substantially cut support time by building up a Chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically reply to frequent visitor questions at any time of day or night.

You can even set up a chatbot to accomplish the same thing, giving you even more control over the user experience. For example, a chatbot can proactively popup to engage visitors and qualify them as leads before conversing with a live agent. Formilla Live Chat works with various unique chatbots that you can build for your company.

In case of any complex issue, Formilla offers to file sharing between you and visitors to solve that. 

It has 5,000+ active installs and 160,000+ downloads. This chat support plugin has a free and premium version of it. 

Live Demo & Download Link


Using chat support plugins can help you to improve customer service without increasing the budget. Also, it reduces the complexity of customer service and allows for increasing service hours. You can integrate those plugins with top elementor themes WordPress

Don’t miss this awesome communication tool to understand and serve your visitors well if you want to grow your WooCommerce store sales. You can also use these 5 WooCommerce plugins to grow your business. 

So, what kind of live chat experience you’re going to give your visitors?

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