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12+ Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Are you looking for the best Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress? We have arranged 12+ Best WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress comparatively. You can increase your website’s passive income by using An Amazon affiliate plugin. An Amazon affiliate program lets you allow to place in-text and display ads on your pages.

A visitor can purchase an Amazon product using your unique affiliate link, and you can earn a commission. You know this plugin is compatible with many affiliate themes for WordPress. You are not improving your affiliate program without dedicated WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugins.

What is Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

Amazon affiliate plugins are affiliate plugins made for Amazon especially. Using such a plugin, you can easily manage your Amazon affiliate links under a single dashboard. It also offers to beautify the affiliate links to increase creditability.

How Do I Make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress?

  • Get a domain and hosting from a renowned domain and hosting provider
  • Install WordPress on your site
  • Choose a WordPress theme for the Amazon affiliate website, install and activate it
  • Organize your website according to your requirements
  • Install an Amazon Affiliate Plugin from this article
  • Set up your affiliate business

How Do I Add an Affiliate Plugin to WordPress?

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard
  • Search for the Amazon affiliate plugin you want to install
  • Then install and activate it
  • Then you can find the affiliate link section to manage your affiliate links

If you are a WooCommerce user and Amazon associate, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugins are badly needed.

Best Powerful WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin for WordPress 2023


aawp woocommerce amazon affiliate

AAWP is a premium WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin that manages Amazon affiliate links. It offers an all-in-one solution for integrating and tracking affiliate links on the WordPress site. If you have previous knowledge of how to add google analytics with WordPress then you are able to have tracking experience well.

You can use this plugin to insert affiliate links into your content in various ways, including hypertext links, boxes that you can customize in terms of product description and price display, comparison tables for products, etc.

Most of the elements are fully customizable, responsive, and auto-updated when the product listing on changes. You can quickly insert affiliate links in any location using the shortcodes.

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2. ThirstyAffiliates

thirsty afiliates wp plugin

ThirstyAffiliates is an essential plugin for WordPress that includes several tools for managing affiliate links. Your Amazon affiliate URLs can be cloaked with your domain name and custom slug for no cost, removing the query string from the end of your links and making them appear more trustworthy to visitors.

To comply with Amazon Associate’s terms, ThirstyAffiliates automatically uncloaks some links. Moreover, the free version allows for quick and easy manual linking. ThirstyAffiliates makes it easy to insert a link by allowing you to search the Amazon catalog from your WordPress dashboard, find your desired product, and link to it.

A premium subscription adds more detailed stats, Google Analytics integration, and, perhaps most importantly, auto-linking. ThirstyAffiliates will automatically scan your content for keywords and place relevant links.

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3. WZone

wzone woocommerce amazon affiliate WZone is a more powerful WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin than other WordPress marketing plugins. It is also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. This plugin is specifically designed to integrate Amazon affiliate links into WooCommerce-powered websites. WZone allows you to choose products to display along with WooCommerce products.

On your site, visitors can browse these products the same way they would on a standard WooCommerce site. If they are ready to buy, they will be direct to amazon. WZone uses Amazon’s API to keep your WooCommerce listings up to date, and it can automatically place products in your store based on the keywords you specify.

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4. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

amazon estore affiliate wp plugin Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin is a WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin that allows you to create a store featuring Amazon products. No coding or technical knowledge is required. Custom Amazon WordPress store themes are also included with the plugin. With little effort, you can create unique content.

Though the content spinner module isn’t perfect at what it does, manual checking and correction will require. A built-in wordbook database can use automatically spin content. Wordbook has the following languages such as English, France, Spain, etc. Your visitors can use the On-Site Cart feature to check out multiple products on Amazon.

It translates to numerous commissions for you. The Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin gathers all available information for all Amazon products. All product attributes, product reviews, and full of product descriptions are included in the title, prices, and all product attributes. For each Amazon product, users select from various sizes, colors, and prices.

You can bulk import hundreds of products from Amazon into your eStore using the Woocommerce Amazon plugin. This plugin is built on the custom AA-Team framework like the WooZone Woocommerce Amazon plugin. It is built around a module manager and a simple admin interface.

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5. Easy Affiliate Links

easy affiliate links woocommerce amazon affiliate

Easy Affiliate Links make it simple to keep track of all of your affiliate links on your website. Both cloaked and non-cloaked pretty links are available. Your link clicks are automatically tracked. This plugin allows you to import affiliate links from an XML and CSV file.

It also can export your links to XML and CSV. By using, CSV export and import to update your links in bulk easily. You can also do product import export for WooCommerce if you need to learn about this.

It also allows you to track all of your site’s clicks on a monthly or lifetime basis, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your affiliate link strategy. Easy Affiliate Links keeps track of each link’s monthly clicks.

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6. EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

easyazon wp plugin EasyAzon WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin allows you to create Amazon affiliate links directly from your WordPress post editor. You can create text affiliate links that direct to any product available for sale on without going through the time-consuming process of manually creating links from within the website.

The EasyAzon button opens an Amazon search form page in your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to find products that are relevant to you. After a few clicks, your Amazon affiliate link or image is integrated into your WordPress post. You can also customize the WooCommerce product page easily by following some steps EasyAzon provides multiple style links.

Image links with various size options, Call to Action boxes, and Info Blocks are all examples of text links with optional product details on mouseover. This plugin has a built-in link localization option. It Sends visitors to Amazon’s local store based on their IP address.

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7. WP Zon Builder Amazon Affiliate Plugin

wpzone woocommerce amazon affiliate plugin WP Zon Builder WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin is powerful and effortful. WP Zon Builder can help you utilize your Websites and blogs by including amazon products in your content. It comes with some simple and helpful features.

You can create e-commerce stores, highly specialized sites, content or review websites, etc. It’s simple to find products to add. Choose a category, keywords, and filtering options, and you’ll see products that match your criteria.

You can start a blog website with the help of the best blog themes on WordPress and install this plugin to track and generate revenue. You can schedule posts to be published at a later date. Many products are automatically added to your site over time this way.

This plugin shows a single product or a group of products. The results will always be pulled live from Amazon when displaying multiple products. If there are any price changes, they will be updated automatically.

Similar products, product accessories, and existing posts in a given category are displayed in the sidebar widgets of the plugin.

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8. AzonPress

azonpress wp plugin

AzonPress is the most powerful and updated WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin. Using this plugin, you can create easy, understandable, and transitional links.

The most advanced Amazon affiliate marketing WordPress plugin is AzonPress. With AzonPress, you can create completely understandable, easy-to-connect, and exceptionally transitional links with your WordPress-based website and this plugin are compatible with WordPress shop themes for free.

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9. Pretty Links

pretty links woocommerce amazon affiliate

Pretty Links is a WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin that allows you to cloak and track your site links, including affiliate links. Pretty Links can generate randomized shortened slugs, or you can create your custom slug to make your link look cleaner and more reliable.

Pretty Links keeps track of how many people have clicked on your links and reports them to you in your WordPress admin dashboard and you don’t have to install WordPress analytics plugins for this purpose. Link tracking can be filtered based on the number of clicks per link or the number of unique clicks per link.

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10. Auto Amazon Links

auto amazon links wp plugin

Auto Amazon Links is a free WooCommerce plugin that automates the creation of Amazon affiliate links for affiliates. This tool automatically adds Amazon affiliate links and product feeds to your website. The products are based on one or more product categories that you choose, and the displays are updated frequently to reflect changes in product listings and pricing.

You can also filter out unwanted products from your links using the description, title, and ID nufreestore WordPress themember, and also you can take help from WooCommerce product filtering. These features make Amazon Auto Links ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time manually curating affiliate links. However, this plugin also allows you to insert affiliate links manually.

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11. AdRotate

adrotate wp plugin

AdRotate is the easiest WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin. Amazon Affiliates makes it simple to manage your advertising and affiliate campaigns in the dashboard. These links and advertisements can be placed anywhere on your website. You can also calculate click-through rates and track clicks.

You can easily set up groups of ads in a grid, column, or row. Even you can export statistics to CSV files. This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.

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12. AffiliateX

affiliatex woocommerce amazon affiliate

AffiliateX is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers. With AffiliateX blocks, you can create highly effective affiliate marketing blogs, increase conversion rates and increase affiliate income. This plugin is easy to use and built for everyone. You can promote any product without any hassle.

It has multiple layouts, and you can select your desired layout and customize it as you want. AffiliateX is fully compatible with any freestore WordPress theme. With this plugin, you can easily change the font family, font color, button color, and even the backend editor width in the global settings.

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13. Amazomatic

amazomatic wp plugin

Amazomatic is the best referral auto-blogging WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin that monetizes your WordPress site with the Amazon Market API. The automation capabilities of Amazomatic set it apart from other Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins.

This plugin allows you to create a blog post with referral links based on a set of predefined rules, such as market searches and ASIN-based item import. You can also use marketplace items for automatically creating post categories and tags.

You can also use its keyword replacer tool to automatically replace an affiliate link with a keyword anywhere on your website.

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The design of your site will have a significant impact on your affiliate links. You could benefit from adding more text-based affiliate links to your site, but you could also use display boxes and comparison tables instead.

It will be properly covered With the help of a plugin. We hope that our article on the top 12+ best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate plugins has helped you narrow down the option and select the best one for your store. You can also check out our top best WooCommerce SEO plugin for higher rankings.


Can I Do Affiliate Marketing on Free WordPress?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing using WordPress for free. You won’t need to pay to get affiliate links. All you need is to enroll in the affiliate program and get your personalized links from there. Then you can put the links on your website. Though affiliate marketing requires no cost, you need to purchase a domain and hosting for your website.

How Do I Activate Amazon Affiliate?

You need to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program first. Then you’ll require to provide the required information. After that, they’ll review it and inform you when your application is approved. It may require some time. For being approved on the first attempt, follow their application review process properly.

How Do I Track Affiliate Links in WordPress?

You can easily track your affiliate links using the section of your affiliate link managing plugin. Also, you can track your links using the Amazon Affiliate Dashboard.

How Much is Amazon Affiliate Pay-per-click?

The amount varies from product to product. The customer needs to click your link and purchase the item, only then you can earn from the Amazon Affiliate program. If the customer clicks on multiple affiliate links, then the commission will be distributed according to Amazon’s algorithm.

How Frequent Does Amazon Affiliate Pay?

Amazon affiliate pays on a monthly basis. There is no system of daily payment.


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