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11+ Best Bookstore WordPress Themes 2023

The WordPress bookstore theme is your best choice if you want to create an online bookstore. The majority of these themes offer elements like the ability to submit book covers. Many of these bookstore WordPress themes can be used in various ways to promote book sales. Education WordPress themes are especially well suited for building massive online bookstores stores with thousands of publications. Some themes can be used to create a website for a publishing company or an author. Others have been created to promote the most current book by a particular author. With the help of our selection, you should be able to choose a reliable WordPress bookstore theme.

Top 11+ Bookstore WordPress Themes 2023

1. Bookie

Bookie WordPress bookstore theme The Bookie was developed to assist you in setting up a WordPress-powered online store for selling and distributing eBooks. You won’t have any trouble managing your inventory, creating visually appealing product pages, and collecting payments from your customers. The Bookie provides support for the popular online shop builder plugin, WooCommerce. The Bookie WordPress bookstore theme comes with several well-made page layouts to help in your eBook store. The relevant page template makes publishing book reviews on your website simple. This theme is compatible with the most popular Page Builder plugins in WordPress.

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2. Pustaka

Pustaka Pustaka is a special WooCommerce theme created specifically for online book sales. It has seven website demos that might be useful for building a sizable online bookstore. You can allow other writers to register on your website. Even, you can charge them a one-time fee for access to your eBook marketplace, or you can make money from their book sales, and if you want you can also make money from Google Adsense. This WordPress bookstore theme improves your navigation regions by adding more information to your drop-down menus. This theme can also be used to make a website that advertises books sold on Amazon. This functionality is supported by the integrated WooZone plugin, which will help you earn money from your book review blog or another book-related website.

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3. BookChoix

BookChoix WordPress bookstore theme A customer will often evaluate you based on your website. With BookChoix, you can make sure that this first meeting goes well. This WordPress bookstore theme features a cutting-edge layout that can help you promote both physical and digital items. It provides you with a fast and simple design and customization process along with an easy setup for an online store. There are several different home page demos to choose from, and also many readymade pages, and more than a dozen predefined widgets. Additionally, BookChoix provides tools for implementing an ISBN search function and embedding PDFs on your website. You can even display a collection of free e-books that site users can read online or download with just one click. You can integrate any of the top FAQ plugins for WordPress with this theme to create a beautiful FAQ section.

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4. Bookworm

Bookworm Bookworm is a modern bookshop theme with 13 different homepage designs. This theme may be used to create various websites that sell books. Bookworm can be used to create various websites for selling books. This WordPress bookstore theme advertises your physical bookstore or books for sale online. You also have access to a selection of header templates like web page header design to help you create the ideal navigation section for your website. With Bookworm, more than 35 customizable blocks can be used with the default WordPress editor. You have a simple method for managing your site’s appearance without having to add any other plugins.

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5. Bookshelf

Bookshelf WordPress bookstore theme Online stores can offer eBooks, audiobooks, and other products with the Bookshelf WordPress bookstore theme. Although powerful eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce make it easy to sell practically any type of product online, it’s a good idea to pick a theme designed especially for an online bookstore. You can also integrate it with the LMS plugin for WordPress for the best learning and teaching purpose. Bookshelf is a fantastic example of this kind of theme. It has layouts and styles for listing not only eBooks and paper books but also audiobooks, video games, movies, and more. The Bookshelf is an excellent option if you want to build an online store that sells physical and digital goods.

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6. Scientia

Scientia Scientia is a WordPress theme for bookstores and libraries with some eye-catching layouts. Scientia is a WordPress bookstore theme that has some beautiful layouts. It contains all the features you’d anticipate from a high-end bookshop WordPress theme. Scientia fully supports the most recent version of the essential plugins for WordPress. Scientia and WooCommerce enable you to sell both physical and digitally downloadable eBooks.

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7. Booklovers

Booklovers WordPress bookstore theme Booklovers can be used to build a website for book publishing companies. With WordPress, Booklovers is more than capable of setting up an online bookstore. Using this WordPress bookstore theme, you may create a website for companies offering direct online book sales to visitors. The four website demos in the Booklovers theme package will help you launch a range of book-related sites. You may set up your website to automatically distribute eBooks to customers. Even manage your inventory through the WordPress Dashboard, and accept payments online. This theme makes engaging slideshows that advertise your most recent publications and you don’t have to install any slider plugin in WordPress. Booklovers give information about your prominent writers or highlight the advantages of your publishing house.

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8. ChapterOne

ChapterOne ChapterOne is a WordPress theme for bookstores that also provide services to authors and publishers of printed works. The ChapterOne theme package includes six website demos to showcase various projects and design philosophies. Chapter One covers a wide range of situations, including designing a general-purpose bookstore website. These scenarios range from developing a bookstore to advertise and sell audiobooks online to developing a children’s bookstore. With this theme, you can display many useful elements in your online bookstore. ChapterOne enables you to share the details of upcoming releases or other relevant information. Additionally, there is support for posting event information on your website and including events like author talks and book signings with the help of WordPress event plugins.

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9. Author

Author WordPress bookstore theme The Author is a quick, receptive, and accessible WordPress bookstore theme. The scripts and stylesheets are concatenated, compressed, and conditionally loaded in this WordPress theme for bookstores. To improve usability, the theme layout adapts to all screen sizes. Being one of the few accessibility-ready themes, it works well for people with various disabilities. The specially designed theme layout makes it easier to read the content. Use the Author WordPress theme to easily create a blog, magazine, or news website. The gaming, business, fashion, music, food, travel, and photography sectors all benefit greatly from its straightforward and basic design. This theme is compatible with the best WooCommerce SEO plugins.

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10. Auteur

Auteur Auteur is a WordPress bookstore theme for authors, critics, and publishers who want to sell or promote books online. The Auteur bundle includes four distinct homepage layouts covering a variety of book-related projects. This theme features all the WooCommerce layouts, and it was created specifically for online book sales. You may power your online book store with the most popular page builder plugin. The powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin is also included with this theme. It can give you the tools you need to alter those layouts or start from the beginning and make brand-new, original designs. The Gutenberg block editor is included with the Auteur theme. You can check out WordPress Gutenberg tutorials as well.

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11. The Retailer

The Retailer WordPress bookstore theme You can use the popular multipurpose WordPress theme Retailer to build a modern and professional online bookshop. This WordPress bookstore theme includes sliders, parallax scrolling, and animation effects to enhance the attractive appearance of the entire experience. Additionally, eleven site variations that you may use to display book covers are included in the package. The theme’s compatibility with Elementor and inclusion of WPBarkery, which facilitates page construction, are some of its advantages. Additionally, you get client testimonials, ready-made page themes, choices for social network advertising, and a variety of post types.

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12. Book Guide

BookGuide BookGuide is a fantastic WordPress bookstore theme made specifically for online bookstores. The concept of running an online store is altered by BookGuide. BookGuide keeps your audience engaged by providing vibrant home page designs and several contemporary color schemes. The idea applies to both physical goods and electronic materials. BookGuide offers a simple graphical user interface for developing your company’s website due to its integration with Visual Composer.

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You need a strong foundation to launch your online business, and that foundation is an attractive, feature-rich WordPress theme. This list offers you the finest in optimal design and extensive modification options to meet your needs and, ultimately, help you in achieving your company objective. We sincerely hope that this article is useful to you in your search for the top WordPress theme for a bookstore.


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