Google Tag Manager WordPress Plugin

Top Google Tag Manager WordPress Plugins 2024

Google Tag Manager WordPress plugin is a tag management plugin that can help you to put or update tags on your website. Using it, you will be able to control every tag you need for your WordPress-powered website. Moreover, it offers a single dashboard using which you can easily add, modify, and monitor your tags.

What Is Tag and Why It’s Important?

A tag is a piece of code that can help to communicate your website with a third party. By putting the code in your website, you can get vital information about your website and its analytics.

Top Google Tag Manager WordPress Plugins for WordPress

Site Kit by Google

It’s the official plugin from Google that gives the ultimate solution for using Google products for your website. This plugin has bought various Google services under a single hood, and you can easily manage all of them using its dashboard.

Site Kit is not only just a tag manager, it’s more than it. Besides managing Google tags, it also manages the search console, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, and optimization.

If you want to use an authorized plugin that can do more than just manage Google tags, Site Kit is the best option for you.

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GTM4WP – WordPress plugin

GTM4WP is a WordPress plugin that mainly focuses on setting the Google Tag Manager so that you can easily integrate Google tools with your website and have various information about your website.

This plugin can help you to plan your marketing strategy and make it easy. It has two layers of code snippets so that the code works even if the user’s JavaScript is disabled.

GTM4WP is compatible with Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Google Optimize, and AMP which shows how effective this plugin can be.

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Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is a growing WordPress plugin that can be used for managing the tags of Google products. Using this plugin, you can easily set your Google tags and manage all of them from a single place.

It also helps to exclude admins tracking records from the analytics which ensures the good quality of data.

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Google Tag Manager by George

It’s a very simple plugin that helps to connect your Google account with your website and gives access to valuable information about the website. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a simpler solution for managing Google tags.

Though it seems Google’s official plugin, it is not. But it ensures connectivity with Google.

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Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce

Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce is a tag management WordPress plugin that’s made with WooCommerce in mind. So, you can set the Google tags using this plugin for your WooCommerce website and view the live actions that are being taken by the users.

Though it’s a very new plugin with a low number of active installations, it can greatly help WooCommerce sites for free.

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The options for getting a Google Tag Manager WordPress plugin are very limited. We hope you’ve found the plugin that suits your site. If you’re still confused about which plugin to choose, we would recommend Site Kit by Google.

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