How To Add Payment Icons to Footer in Flatsome Powered Website

Payment icons are usually displayed on different sections of an online store so that customers can instantly understand which payment methods your store accepts. Implementing the Flatsome payment icons on effective areas of the website adds more flexibility to your customers while shopping and extra professionalism for your business. 

This tutorial will cover how you can quickly add a set of Flatsome payment icons to the footer in a Flatsome-powered website. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to implement payment icons to footer by yourself.

How to Add Flatsome Payment Icons to Footer Step-By-Step

Step 1:

Hover on the ‘Flatsome’ option in the top admin bar. Then click on ‘Theme Options.’

Flatsome payment icons

Step 2:

Inside the ‘Theme Options’, Click on ‘WooCommerce.’ All most popular WordPress WooCommerce themes have their own theme options panel.

free woocommerce theme wordpress

Step 3:

You will find several options for WooCommerce here. Click on the ‘Payment Icon’ option to add payment icons to the footer. 

Flatsome payment icons

Step 4:

Here you will see all the payment icons. Click on the ‘Eye’ icon beside the payment method name to add it to the footer. 

free wp theme woocommerce best theme

Step 5:

Instead of using the payment icons, you can also use your own custom icons or image. You can upload a custom icon or image from the ‘Custom Icons’ option which will replace the default payment icons. 

Flatsome payment icons

Step 6:

In the Placement section, check the box ‘Absolute Footer’ to display payment icons. You can also check the box ‘Cart Sidebar’ which will display the payment icons on the cart sidebar as well. Almost every SEO-friendly WordPress theme has premade absolute footer. 

woo commerce themes free 

Step 7:

Now click on ‘Publish’ to save the customization. 

Flatsome payment icons

Step 8:

Check on the absolute footer, and you will see we have successfully added the payment icons to the footer. 

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The payment icon is a crucial part of an online store. It helps customers understand which payment method they can use to your online store powered by Flatsome. Having payment icons on your website indicates that it is an online store. That is why it is important to know how you can add them to your footer. 

We have tried to show you the process of adding payment icons step-by-step. We hope this tutorial will be helpful for you. Stay tuned with WPCred for more awesome tutorials. Also check out our tutorial of how to export media library to learn about how to backup your files.