Add Your Flatsome Powered Sites to Google Search Console

How to Add Google Search Console in Flatsome to Optimize Search Performance

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is an excellent, free service that will help you to keep tables on your website’s SEO performance.

My previous guide is about the importance, advantages and reasons you need Search Console for your Flatsome Powered Website.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily add and verify your Flatsome Powered sites in Google Search Console also known as Webmaster Tools.

Now it’s time to get a little more hands-on. Let’s start with how to set up Google Search Console, start using it and integrate it with your Flatsome powered website.

Add your Website to Google Search Console

As mentioned earlier, all you need is a Google account to access Google Search Console.

First, head to the Google Search Console website and click on the ‘Start Now’ button.

Now, you’ll need to login with your Google account. Once signed in, you’ll be asked to provide your website URL.

There are two different methods for website verification. One is domain name and another is URL prefix. URL prefix method is more flexible, that’s why we recommend the URL prefix method.

google search console

Bear in mind that, Google considers HTTP and HTTPS as two different protocols. It considers and htttps:// as two different websites.

So, it’s required to enter the correct site URL of your Flatsome powered site.

If you are not sure, there is an easy wat to find out the exact URL that you need to enter. Just head to your WordPress admin dashboard is and go to General under Settings

Click on the Continue button once you have entered your correct site address in Google Webmaster Tools setup wizard to go to the next step.

Now it’s time to verify ownership of your website. There are several ways you can verify but the HTML tag method is the easiest one. That’s why I am going to show you the HTML tag method first.

Add verification meta tag in Flatsome theme

Now you have Google Search Console account ready. Let’s install Google Webmaster Tools in Flatsome WooCommerce theme.

From the options, click on the HTML tag to expand it and copy the code that is inside.

To verify the owner of the website, you need to add this Google site verification Meta tag in WordPress.  

Now edit the header.php file of your Flatsome theme above the (body) tag.

I suggest you to use a WordPress child theme, if you go to the manual route. Otherwise, your tracking code will be overwritten if you switch or update the theme.

Go to Theme Editor under Appearance menu on your dashboard. Select header.php file. Paste the tracking code right before the </head> tag in the editor.

Make sure to click on the Update File button. The tracking code will be activated successfully.

There is another method you can add Google Analytics to Flatsome theme.

For that, head to your WordPress admin dashboard. Look for Advanced under Flatsome and click on Global Settings. You’ll find Header Scripts to paste your analytics code.Now go back to Google Search Console settings and click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Save All Changes clicking on the button below on that page.

In most tutorials, you’ll notice that they guide to follow these methods. However, we don’t recommend this method. The reason is the HTML tag may disappear when you update your theme.

That’s why we will also show you how you can take help of a plugin to insert the Meta tag exactly where it is needed.

Add meta tag using a plugin

For that, you need to install and activate the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. To learn how to install a plugin, we have created a tutorial that explains it step by step.

Upon activation of the plugin, you can head to Insert Headers and Footers option under the Settings of your WordPress dashboard. After that, paste the Google HTML tag code inside the Scripts in Header filed.

search console with plugin

Click on the Save button to store your changes.  Now go back to Google Search Console settings and click on the ‘Verify’ button.

It will look for the HTML tag in your site code and will show you Ownership verified message.

Note: You may need to clear your WordPress cache if you don’t see a successful message. It will ensure that Google can fetch the latest version of your website.

search console verified

That’s it. You have successfully added your Flatsome theme to the Google Search Console. You can now visit dashboard by clicking ‘Go To Property’ link and check reports and insights.

search console performance

It’s time for you to take advantage of the power of knowledge and insights you will gain to improve your Flatsome powered site’s performance. If you need more tutorials on Flatsome theme or WooCommerce, let me know in the comment section.

Google Analytics will help you to decrease the bounce rate and increase your pageviews. To setup Google Analytics in your Flatsome WooCommerce theme, check the linked article.