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How to Create a Child Theme in Flatsome WordPress Theme

A child theme is highly important when it comes to customizing a parent WordPress theme. Because you can lose all your customization settings due to Flatsome updates if you customize the parent theme. 

So, if you don’t know how to create a child theme in Flatsome WordPress theme, you have come to the right place!

You might have noticed that your customization in CSS or changes in any theme file, get disappeared after the theme update, right?

Do you know why it happens? It’s because of not having a child theme installed on your website theme.

According to the Flatsome review, it’s one of the most popular and used WooCommerce themes. It releases frequent updates to squash bugs and supports major or minor updates of WooCommerce. So, if you are using a Flatsome theme, you must have a child theme activated.

If you have a child theme activated, you can easily customize the Flatsome parent theme without getting fear of loss of hours customization. Let me show you how can create a child theme in WordPress for Flatsome WooCommerce theme step by step.

How To Create Child Theme in Flatsome WooCommerce Theme

When it comes to overriding the main Flatsome theme, you need to enable the child theme. A child theme comes with two blank files: functions.php and style.css.

So, when you need to override the parent theme with PHP functions, you can place them functions.php and when you need to customize the theme with CSS, you can place it in the style.css file.

Step: 01

If you haven’t installed the Flatsome theme yet, install from now. If you have the theme activated properly, you can see it at Appearance >> Themes.

Checking the Flatsome theme in the appearance section of the WordPress dashboard

You can notice only the parent theme is activated, right?

Step: 02

To enable the child theme, Navigate the Flatsome menu from the top left corner and trigger Setup Wizard.

Selecting setup wizard in the Flatsome theme

Step: 03

Now, you are at the starting screen of the setup wizard, click on Let’s Go! button to start the process.

Completing setup of the Flatsome child theme


We’re assuming you have got a purchase code after buying this theme. Add the code here in the Purchase Code field. And click the Continue button

Activating the child theme of Flatsome

Now, you are on the final screen when you can give your child theme your desired name. If you are satisfied with the current name Flatsome Child, click Create and Use Child Theme button to finish the process.

creating the child theme of the Flatsome

To return to the WordPress Dashboard, click Return to the WordPress Dashboard link at the bottom.

returning to the WordPress dashboard


We believe you are getting a full understanding of how to create a child theme. To check whether your child’s theme has been created or not click Themes from the Appearance settings. You will notice that the child theme has been installed and activated for the Flatsome parent theme.

checking the child theme of Flatsome

How To Copy Flatsome WordPress Parent Theme Customizer Settings To Child Theme

Now, you know how to create a child theme in a Flatsome WordPress theme. We’re assuming you have successfully enabled the child theme. When your child theme is enabled, you can see your site front-end, it might look like the default Flatsome Theme.

You can also copy the parent Flatsome theme setting to the child theme if you need to get your setting back like the parent theme. 


Hopefully, you have enjoyed the entire tutorial. If you face any trouble following this tutorial, drop your feedback in the comment section. We’ll try our best to help you out.

Because of the continuous up-gradation of Flatsome, you may find slightly different in the interface. Don’t worry, the process will be the same as usual. 

If you need more Flatsome tutorial, let me know in the comment section. we’ll write the next tutorial for you!