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Best WordPress Calculator Plugins in 2024

A WordPress calculator plugin is essential in many cases on a website. If you’re creating a WooCommerce site, an automated calculator for your product prices can smoothen the journey of the visitor. On the other hand, a tax or loan calculator with a financial website can do the same. So, adding a relevant calculator can increase the value of your website.

If you’re using a WordPress-powered website, it can be useful for calculating product prices, service fees, tax calculations, cost calculations, and so many other calculations. Though it seems not essential, it can be really helpful for the visitors.

Benefits of Having a WordPress Calculator Plugin

  • A calculator can help your visitors to stay more on your site, and Google considers such sites as valuable which can help to rank better
  • Having a calculator can reduce the bounce rate and increase the page view time
  • A relevant calculator helps to give a better user experience
  • It reduces the load on customer service

Top 9 Calculator Plugins for Your WordPress Site

1. Cost Calculator Builder – WordPress Calculator Plugin

Cost Calculator Builder – WordPress plugin

Cost calculator builder is one of the most popular calculator plugins on the WordPress plugin repository. Using this, you can add a calculator to your WordPress-powered website easily. It’s a WooCommerce-ready plugin that can do all the calculations you need to do. Besides that, it offers Stripe and PayPal easy integration for payment.

You can use the conditional logic in form fields using this plugin. Moreover, it has a special dashboard to track and control the orders of the customers.

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2. Forminator


Forminator is a free WordPress plugin that can help to calculate the price variations of a product. It can also help you to calculate BMI and other health-related calculations. Moreover, using this plugin, you can calculate loans and other financial calculations.

It’s a complete package of the calculator. You can choose any type of calculator you want. You can also create an ROI calculator on your agency site.

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3. Formidable Forms – Contact Form, Survey, Quiz, Calculator

Formidable Forms – Contact Form, Survey, Quiz, Calculator

Formidable Forms is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin that can perform various tasks including adding a calculator to your WordPress-powered website. You can create a mortgage calculator, loan calculator, deposit calculator, etc. Besides that, you also use it to estimate the product price.

Overall, it’s a simple plugin that can help you to create a contact form, survey, quiz, and calculator.

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4. Calculated Fields Form – WordPress Calculator Plugin

Calculated Fields Form – WordPress plugin

Calculated Field Forms is a popular WordPress plugin that can help your visitors to calculate their financial stuff. Using it, you can create a reservation form and any other calculation of distance between different addresses.

You won’t need to be a techie person to add the calculator with this plugin. It has a very straightforward and beginner-friendly process so that anyone can use it to their website. It also provides a dedicated dashboard to make things easy and controllable.

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5. Responsive Mortgage Calculator – WordPress Calculator Plugin

Responsive Mortgage Calculator – WordPress plugin

Responsive Mortgage Calculator is a calculator plugin mainly focused on banking. If you’re managing a WordPress-powered website that is connected with the banking system anyhow, this plugin can be a perfect choice for you.

Moreover, this plugin offers to calculate the down payment amount, and interest rate, amortization period. And you can customize the payment method, amortization schedule, popup, and summary using the chart, etc.

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6. Product Page Shipping Calculator

Product page shipping calculator

Product Page Shipping Calculator is a dedicated calculator plugin for WooCommerce websites. This calculator lets the customers calculate their total bills and shipping charges without completing the order. It also offers to let the visitors know about the different shipping charges according to the location.

This plugin uses Ajax so the page doesn’t need to reload when changes apply. Also, you can change the position of your calculator according to your website design.

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7. WooCommerce Ajax Cart Plugin

WooCommerce Ajax Cart Plugin

WooCommerce Ajax Cart Plugin is a WooCommerce-focused plugin that helps to control the product quantity on the cart page using the +/- icons. Using this plugin, you can update the cart and price and stay on the same page.

It helps to reload and recalculate the cart using Ajax when the cart updates. Overall, it gives your customers a better shopping experience.

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8. CC BMI Calculator – WordPress Calculator Plugin

CC BMI Calculator – WordPress plugin

CC BMI calculator is mainly made for WordPress sites that are health focused. It has a built-in BMI chart by using which, which can calculate the BMI. This calculator is very much customizable, you can customize the background, borders, text, and unit according to your need.

If you’re running a health-related website, we strongly recommend this plugin to add. It can create great value for your visitors. You can place it on the sidebar or on an individual page.

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9. Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator – WordPress plugin

Stylish Cost Calculator is a WordPress calculator with lots of features, especially for WooCommerce websites. It provides a custom math element to build a calculator as your need. Moreover, it can automatically convert currency according to the user’s location or preferred location.

This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, and you can easily add the total price, and monthly or daily fees easily. Besides the calculation, it also has features of integrating Stripe and Paypal for smoothing the transaction process.

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These are the major calculator plugins you may need. Using those, you can add a general calculator, tax calculator, loan calculator, mortgage calculator, WooCommerce calculator, BMI calculator, etc. You can also build a custom calculator if your needs are special.

We hope that you’ve found what calculator plugin you may need. If you’re still confused about your decision, feel free to contact us. We will love to suggest you. You can also join our Facebook group for any other help.

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