500+ Useful WooCommerce WordPress Plugin List To Create Your Website

Currently, WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS on the market. It is powering millions of sites. The growth of WordPress’s market share is quite impressive.

  WordPress market share

First of all, it’s open source. and the source code is freely available. You can modify and redistribute it. That makes WordPress a flexible and customizable CMS. WordPress plugin list makes incredible things possible and can take your website to new heights. They allow you to add new features to your website. Moreover, plugins help you to optimize your site for search engines, improve the user experience, and protect against spammers.  

There are 59,000+ plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. It can be challenging to choose which plugins are suitable for your website.  Every business has different needs. There are some extensions that every website should have, regardless of industry. This guide will discuss useful WordPress and WooCommerce plugins that you may need for your site.

Essential WordPress Plugins for your website

We’ve put together a list of the best and top WordPress plugins for business websites, blogs, and online stores.

Plugins for User Experience

Luckily, nowadays, you don’t have to become a developer to create a website. You can choose a suitable WordPress theme and enhance your website with the best WordPress plugin from our list. Adding a slider plugin in WordPress to your website can make it more eye-catching. However, they can also compromise your site’s speed and performance. That’s why you should carefully look at each slider WordPress plugin before making a decision.  WordPress slider plugin

On the other hand, image gallery plugins for WordPress are the most essential features for a WordPress photography site. These plugins will help you display photos beautifully on your website.

For your WordPress site, tables are a great way to display large data sets. You can use tables to share data, show price comparisons, and more. Best WordPress table plugins let you show your data in a table format to make it easy for visitors to read.

wordprress table plugins

Every successful company has a great team behind its operations. If you are one of those companies or business owners and want to show them on your website, you would add a WordPress team member plugin.

Team member for WordPress

On the other hand, if you’re a digital marketer and want to optimize your blog or website, you might consider using some WordPress marketing plugins.

Plugins for Better Communication

If you want to connect with your site visitors, finding new ways to make yourself available to them can help you achieve your goals.  It can be a great way to grow your network. Moreover, it’ll help you build your client base, increase visitors, and sell more products. The core WordPress does a lot of things well. However, email isn’t one of them. You’ll need the help of the best WordPress email plugins to send emails to your subscribers, grow an email list,  or even make your transactional emails more reliable.

Similarly, a useful popup plugin in WordPress is also crucial for making well-designed popups. It can convert your users into subscribers, loyal fans, and customers.

Likewise, the live chat plugin in WordPress is one way to offer your customers instant access to your support team. They let users talk to either a real person or a ‘bot’ that redirects visitors to the right place.  Similar to a WooCommerce website, a membership site requires the relevant functionality and features to operate correctly. It’s also helpful when you offer services based on subscriptions. This is where the membership plugin in WordPress comes into play.

wordpress membership plugin

A forum is an excellent option to interact with users. It helps to discuss the issues with others and solve them. If you’re operating a website that requires a lot of discussion, you should use a forum plugin for WordPress. Moreover, you can add a user section on your site that can help to communicate better. In case, managing it seems complex to you, using New User Approve will make things easy and seamless. 

You can add podcasts to your website if your content is audio-focused. Using a podcast WordPress plugin makes it simple and easy. It reduces the code complexity and helps you to add podcasts easily.

You may need to take a few steps when a visitor isn’t ready to convert into a customer. Lead generation plugin for WordPress helps to grow your email list and improve your signup rate.

Events can be a powerful way to promote a business. Web content, email outreach, Ads, and other tools are also helpful. But nothing beats the interactivity or personal touch that the event plugin in WordPress can deliver.

You can drive engagement with your site and content by streaming posts,  linking your social networks, and creating a community.  As a store website owner, you must let the audience share your content easily, and that’s why you need to install social media plugin for WordPress.

Lots of consumers are using Google to find businesses near them. Having a Google Map on your website is a great way to get potential customers to visit your shop, and you can add google maps with the help of trying Google map plugins for WordPress. Another handy feature of WordPress is its user role management system that allows us to grant other people access to our website. It lets you choose between different WordPress user roles, and it is suitable for user management in WordPress, including the administrator, author, contributor, subscriber, and editor.

user role management plugin

Plugins for Improving Search Engine Rankings

Your website’s performance can be directly tied to search engine rankings, user satisfaction, and ultimately your revenue. You can improve the performance by adding some performance-focused features. To serve a website in different languages, WordPress doesn’t have a built-in translation option. However, powerful translation plugins for WordPress can help translate your site effortlessly.

wordpress plugin for translation

It’s essential to measure user engagement when managing a WordPress website properly. You can use WordPress analytics plugins to access site stats directly from the dashboard.  Security vulnerabilities affect search engine optimization and a website’s authority. Moreover, you’ll face data and financial losses. One of the best ways to secure your website is by adding security plugins for WordPress.

Depending on the configuration, the best WordPress cache plugins instruct the server to store some files on disk or RAM. It saves memory and makes your site fast & lightweight. 

Essential Plugin for WooCommerce

You can design almost any kind of website using WordPress. You can quickly launch a robust online store with the help of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. From the list are some essential plugins for WordPress you can use to give your store a boost. Optimizing your online store for search engines is necessary.  Fortunately, there is some best Woocommerce SEO plugin you can find to help improve SEO on your WooCommerce site. It’s usual to get confused about what SEO plugin to choose. In that case, you can choose Rank Math or Yoast SEO.

Displaying testimonials on a WordPress website is straightforward. There are tons of solutions on the market. You can use the testimonial plugin for WordPress to demonstrate and help to turn visitors into customers and readers.

wordpress testimonial plugin

It is crucial to keep customers loyal to your business. You can offer WooCommerce points and rewards systems in your store to build long-term relationships with customers.

An affiliate plugin for WordPress helps to create merchants, commission, and track affiliate links. Most affiliate plugins offer these features.  When it comes to online shopping, payment options are a huge deal. PayPal is a popular payment gateway that will allow your potential customers to pay money using it. If you want to avoid any complexity, then the PayPal plugin for WooCommerce would be best for you.

WooCommerce Plugins for Displaying Products 

There is some specific WordPress plugin for products that can help you to improve your eStore. This product-focused WooCommerce WordPress plugin can perform various operations. You have to create a strategy to collect more reviews on your store. By default, WordPress WooCommerce allows product reviews but you can also extend the features with review plugins for WordPress.

Though your products have reviews and ratings, finding the right product is sometimes difficult because of the huge number of products. WooCommerce product filtering can help visitors find their desired product easily.

If you are selling in multiple stores or retail channels like Amazon or eBay, you may want an easy way to product import export for WooCommerce with the WordPress plugin. On the other hand, to export the WordPress media library, you’ll need to use a WordPress plugin that exports them.

The wishlist plugin for WooCommerce is a way for your visitors to add products to their shopping carts. Instead of making a purchase right away, they can save it for later.

wishlist for WordPress

Free shipping in your store is a helpful strategy to improve customer retention. You will find many free and premium WordPress plugins to help you extend the WooCommerce free shipping functionality.

Consider your store has many WooCommerce products. Each product has different variations. If you think of showcasing all the products along with their variations, you should use a Variation Swatch plugin.

Variation Swatch plugin


We are continuously writing new content about WooCommerce and WordPress plugins. So, we’ll update this article whenever we cover any new topic. Please leave a comment if you want to share an insight with us. 

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