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9 Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins

WordPress project management plugins are essential for any website-focused organization. Using a such plugin, you can manage important tasks, employees, and projects in your organization. Though there are hundreds of WordPress project management plugins in the WordPress directory, very few of them are considered the best.

In this article, we will discuss the 9 best WordPress project management plugins that are feature-rich, dynamic, and useful for everyday usage.

Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins

1. Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama WordPress plugin aims to ease your documents and project management with lots of exciting and dynamic features and functionalities. This premium plugin comes in various pricing plans to choose the one that suits you most. It is one of the best project management plugins that comes with unique and flexible features making your project management experience smoother.

You can use the plugin’s To-Do and task progress feature to assign tasks to your members and get updated about the task frequently. The time-tracking feature lets you calculate the estimated completion time of the project according to your progress.

Additionally, members can upload files quickly based on their needs, and also there are file review and file approvals features to make things easier. The project milestones, project timelines, and project phases are also useful for keeping track of your project development.

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2. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager is very useful to manage your documents and projects in one place. It’s considered one of the best WordPress project management plugins so far. It comes with amazing features and functionality that make your daily management easier than ever. The free version of this plugin comes with two different template views to arrange your documents flexibly.

Besides, you can remotely manage your documents and projects using this plugin. It also has a built-in login/registration system that uploads files in one single click. The plugin provides each personal user file repository and an advanced email editor.

Furthermore, you can secure your documents using the login feature, so no one outside of authorized persons can access your files. You can also embed Youtube videos and import local files into the plugin. The plugin is Elementor and Gutenberg-friendly to work smoothly with your dynamic website.

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3. WP Client Portal

WP Client Portal

WP Client Portal is a renowned WordPress plugin for managing documents and projects flexibly. This one of the best WordPress project management plugins comes with different dynamic functionalities to make your daily operations smoother. You can download and integrate this plugin on your website for free.

Additionally, this amazing plugin comes with numerous features like digital signing, private messaging, project feedback, etc. You can use the built-in login system to allow specific people to log in and use the plugin. You can use its awesome estimate and invoicing feature to make estimates of your projects and print our invoices.

The plugin has an easy file-sharing method you can use to exchange and share files with your team. Furthermore, you can manually add clients, convert roles of existing users, and import clients to your project database. WP Client Portal is easy to integrate and highly customizable.

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4. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a unique WordPress plugin to manage and maintain your projects and documents on a daily basis. This one of the best WordPress project management plugins comes for free and provides many dynamic features to improve the project management experience for you and your team members.

This amazing plugin lets you see all your project management activities in one place. You can be informed of your team member’s progress at a glance. CoSchedule provides reusable task templates, project duplication, recurring tasks, events, etc.

Additionally, you can exchange unlimited social messages with clients and team members using its built-in messaging feature. The plugin also has bulk social uploads, CSV import, and social media automation.

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5. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is one of the best free WordPress project management plugins. It has advanced features that make your project management task exciting.

The plugin includes a To-Do list to keep track of your and your employee’s daily task. Also, you can create unlimited To-Do lists within a second. Besides that, you can assign tasks, dates, and users to manage your daily work. Moreover, it also checks the progress bar to keep track of your work.

The free version of this plugin includes the Milestone feature you can use to assign milestones and messages for your project members. Additionally, message, files, and push notification features are integrated with this plugin. You can freely message, send files to others, and frequently use push notifications to be notified about tasks.

You can upgrade this free plugin to the premium version anytime and enjoy exciting and dynamic features like the Gantt chart, time tracker, invoice, calendar, payment gateway, etc.

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6. Kanban Boards for WordPress


The Kanban Boards plugin is mostly known for agile project management. Having this plugin installed on your WordPress website will let you flexibly and effectively maintain your projects and documents. This one of the best WordPress project management plugins comes for free and offers effective and dynamic features useful for every day.

Installing the plugin and customizing the board to work for the team is easy. The plugin includes live editing features to make the changes quickly. Additionally, you can assign tasks to your team members and keep track of their progress.

Furthermore, time tracking can be set to determine the project completion time according to the performed tasks. The plugin stores all the data separately from WordPress for increased privacy and security. You can collaborate in real-time using this plugin.

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7. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is the no. 1 plugin for creating community and managing projects through your WordPress website. You can create an internal channel for your employees to manage your documents and project using this one of the best project management plugins.

Besides, this is not only a project management plugin but also a content management system, a source of web design, and social networking integration. Additionally, you can create profiles for each of your team members and groups.

BuddyPress also allows private messaging between team members to make communication faster and more private. You can watch the activity through its activity stream, and members can participate in individual threads to discuss particular matters. The plugin provides many unique and dynamic features to make daily project management easier.

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8. WordPress ERP, HR, CRM, and Project Management Plugin – Business Manager

business manager

Business Manager WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution for all your tasks like ERP, HR, CRM, etc. This one of the best WordPress project management plugins has many exciting features and options to properly manage your daily projects and documents.

You can store your clients’ personal and contact details using this plugin. Also, you can store notes, applications, resumes, etc. Managing all these in one place makes project management easier than ever.

Furthermore, you can assign projects and tasks to the respected team members. You can also track work progress and timeline to understand the estimated completion time of the current project. Besides, you can easily manage each project task with the advanced Kanban board.

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9. UpStream: a Project Management Plugin for WordPress

UpStream a Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Upstream is a flexible and feature-rich WordPress plugin to manage everyday project tasks and documents. This is one of the best WordPress project management plugins which is free and provides numerous dynamic features.

This plugin includes features like linkable milestones, tasks, bug/issue tracker, custom statues, etc. Using the milestones and tasks; you can understand how your project task is going and predict the project’s estimated completion time.

Furthermore, you can create profiles for team members and clients, the client login page to view their project, and use the file upload, custom fields, etc., to give your project more color. The Upstream plugin is highly customizable and developer friendly.

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The plugins mentioned above are highly efficient for managing projects and documents. While some of them are for free, other costs you more. But in both cases, any of these plugins can satisfy your need to properly and efficiently handle your projects, team members, and documents.

You can choose any of these best WordPress project management plugins that suit your criteria best!

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